Our company was established in 2010 that has been operating in the field of construction in Turkey and in the electrical household appliances in Iraq. Starting from 2011, our company has became exclusive distributor for Arzum and Felix small household appliances brands in Iraq.

The headquarter is located in Arbil that consists of showroom, head of after sales unit and management floor.

MAF Company succeeded to be on the first place among Arzum’s 30 export countries starting from 2013. Despite of the changing political and economic conditions even in 2016, Maf Company’s growth has continued. Not only in sales but also brand awareness has been established and Arzum small household appliances brand awareness has reached in the top 3 in Iraq.

Our company has been distributing all Arzum and Felix branded products with a 3-year warranty. Furthermore, MAF is the only and the leading company that guarantees 3 years of service among the whole small household companies in Iraq.

As a customer satisfaction oriented company, we are solving all defected products within 48 hours and shipping it to our customers.

MAF Company has its own sales, marketing, logistics and after sales stuff within the company. All deliveries are directly addressed to the dealers showrooms by our stuff.

After sales service is also available besides Arbil as well.

The second Arzum - Felix showroom is located in Bashra.

There are more than 200 point of sales that are displaying our products with our stands and directly supplied from our headquarter.

We have three sales units that are located in Basra, Suleymaniye and Mosul. Mosul’s unit is currently located in Arbil, waiting resolving terror matter in Mosul. As it is solved, the sales unit will hit back to Mosul. These units are responsible for sales and after sales services for the regions according to their proximity.

All chain stores operating in Iraq are our customers (CARREFOUR, DIGITAL CITY, HOME ISTANBUL, ACE HARDWEAR, CITY CENTER SUPERMARKET, KING ELECTRIC, SHAYKH BZENEE, CITY STAR SUPERMARET etc) and full-time promoters are being located for each branch. Starting from the second half of 2016, direct marketing&sales team has been operating.

We will continue to offer the best quality, the best service, the easiest access and the lowest price.


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